Why Connectivity Should Be a Critical Factor in Choosing Office Space

Fibre, DAS & Wifi 6 are Must-Haves

The workplace has gone through a lot of changes over the last ten years due to emerging technologies.  Not too long ago, the office was a place for employees working a traditional 9-5.  Desks had landlines, fax machines and large desktop computers with dial-up internet connections.

Today, connectivity is synonymous with productivity, in offices.  In a WiredScore survey of Greater Toronto office workers 95% said internet outages or poor connectivity negatively impacts their companies and themselves, while 22% say they experience connectivity issues weekly.

Many companies sign long-term leases and therefore businesses must always take into account their future needs.  The benefits of fibre optic internet, DAS and Wifi 6 for commercial real estate occupiers is vital to future success and employee retention.   

Importance of Fibre Optic

Internet connectivity is the foundation of numerous day-to-day applications such as video conferencing, cloud computing and big data analytics. As more businesses move towards using these applications, their bandwidth requirements intensify, underscoring the importance of internet connectivity for workplace productivity.

Companies that use cloud computing need reliable transfer of data over the internet, to store and access their information from data centres. The “cloud” is an extension of the office facility, and therefore, high-quality internet connectivity should be a paramount consideration.

Fibre optic internet is the most efficient telecommunication infrastructure available today. Fibre optic internet provides faster upload and download speeds, along with superior connectivity when compared to traditional fixed-line copper broadband.

We’ve compiled a list of questions Tenants should ask when looking for Fibre connected office space. Click here to download the Fibre Optic Checklist for Tenants.


Can’t get a decent cell signal in your office?  It’s a very real problem. Spotty mobile coverage is a large source of frustration that can impact workers’ productivity — it can even make or break their decision to stay with a company.  Cell phones are second only to email as the preferred method of office communication. 

Newer buildings use Low-E glass to keep out heat and reflect sunlight.  But this glass prevents radio frequency waves from penetrating too.  The same radio frequency waves smart phones require to work well. 

Businesses need to ensure reliable in-building cell phone connectivity to support the growing numbers of employees who use mobile devices to do business –- and who expect always-on, reliable indoor signals. 

New office space being considered needs a strong cell signal.  Ask if the building has been wired with a Distributed Antenna System (DAS).  It’s a system consisting of amplifiers and antennas distributed throughout the building using fibre and ensures a strong cell signal for employees.

Wi-Fi 6

There is a new Wi-Fi standard being rolled out in 2019, Wi-Fi 6.  It’s a major advance over previous standards, and can make your network more productive.  

It is faster, which translates into additional bandwidth for each user.  It’s bandwidth that will be important for future video conferencing needs, fewer laptops and more reliance on mobile devices.

Wi-Fi 6 will support more connections, transmit data faster and save battery life of devices.   An open floor plan and scores of devices trying to connect to a single access point clogs the current network.   Wi-Fi 6 fixes many of these limitations and should be a consideration when looking for new office space. 


With the decline in traditional, locally-hosted IT systems and the growing adoption of internet services like cloud storage and software as a service (SaaS), buildings without fibre are not a viable option for many companies anymore. 

The explosion of cellular connectivity has made smartphones and tablets indispensable in our personal and professional lives.  Ensuring constant connectivity through cell service and Wi-Fi is paramount to employee retention today.

Telecommunication infrastructure has become a major competitive advantage and an essential workplace amenity.  By using a commercial real estate broker that specializes in your market, they can secure office space that is right for your future technological requirements.

Is your office space ready for the future?


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